After the Wii Mini’s UK release was announced last Tuesday, a whopping 74% of Brits considered
the system to be pointless, according to an independent poll. 1,003
British gamers were polled by VoucherCodesPro. The poll’s question was,
“Are you excited about the Wii Mini announcement?” 76% of the responders
said “no”, while the other 24% said “yes”. When asked why one said no,
74% didn’t see the point of releasing the console, 56% said there was no
graphics advancement, 49% said Nintendo was just rehashing their old
console and not advancing it technologically, 47% said the small size
wasn’t a big enough selling point, and 42% said they already owned a
Wii. Lastly, when asked if they would purchase a Wii Mini, 61% said no,
22% said yes, and 17% said they didn’t know. 

George Charles of VoucherCodesPro then gave his analysis.

It seems that despite the release of the Wii U and with the recent
announcement of the PS4 and the anticipated Xbox 720, Nintendo still
felt the need to get in there with another release. Unfortunately for
them, gamers just aren’t bothered; according to our poll at least.

It’s an exciting time for gamers who’ve been waiting several years
for the next big console release. But the Wii Mini doesn’t carry the
same gravitas. With no anticipation of improved graphics and no real
advance on the original console, is it the case of flogging a dead

At the very least, the system looks pretty
cool. It personally makes me wish that Nintendo released a red Wii U at
launch, as well as that not every new console release by any console
developer came in either white or black. Do you consider this release to
be pointless?

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