Earlier this month the unthinkable happened: Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama made Broly canon. The Legendary Super Saiyan had previously only appeared in non-canon films with little to no involvement from Toriyama, but soon he’ll have his official inauguration into Dragon Ball Super. Broly’s new movie is set to hit Japan this December, and the dub will release in the US in January.

In the meantime, the first full-length trailer just dropped at San Diego Comic-Con! The 90-second clip promises at least three major battles in the upcoming movie: Vegeta vs. Broly, Frieza vs. Broly, and finally, Goku vs. Broly. We also get a look at both the Blue and Red Super Saiyan God forms, some new Saiyans (who still have their tails), and one hell of a Broly power-up.

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