Tokyo Game Show is pulling out even more hype with a high quality, four-minute gameplay trailer for Dark Souls III. You can watch as two different players hack n’ slash their way through the gothic, medieval landscape. The first is a heavy-hitting knight with the ever so trusty claymore as he fights his way across a castle-top with a dragon giving him a few problems. After that, you can watch as a more lightweight cleric cleans out a basement full of undead baddies with some help from lightning bolts. The gameplay concludes with a boss battle with ghastly, giant, thin, looming figure wielding a flaming sword. The fight is short however, because (of course) the player dies.

Though for now
Dark Souls III looks more of the same, that’s not really a thing to complain about. From this trailer we can see that the game will offer more of the same beautiful (and totally metal) art direction, incredible soundtracks, ridiculous boss fights, and the brutal gameplay Souls fans have come to love.

What do you think about
Dark Souls III so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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