Bungie has been a major force in the video game industry ever since they launched the iconic Halo franchise in 2001. After years of Microsoft exclusivity, Bungie split from their parent company in 2007, losing the rights to Halo in the process. A few years later they teamed up with Activision on a 10-year contract to make Destiny, but ahead of that contract’s expiration date, the two companies have agreed to part ways.

According to reporting from Kotaku’s Jason Schreier, Bungie executives informed its employees of the coming divorce at a team meeting held just moments ago. The two companies have had a strained relationship stretching back further than the launch of the first Destiny, and it has only worsened over the years. The two are in disagreement over what the focus of the series should be. Bungie favors gameplay catered to the core base while Activision is unhappy with sales and wants to cast a wider net.

Destiny 2: Forsaken appears to have been the final straw, with Activision thoroughly displeased with revenue and Bungie sick of being told what to do. Unlike the divorce from Microsoft, Bungie won’t be losing its baby this time. They’ll retain full control of Destiny going forward…unless they should decide to team up with another publisher, of course.

Update: Bungie has now officially commented on the situation, confirming their split from Activision. They also promise fans that more content like Forsaken is on the way. You can read the full Bungie blog post by clicking here

Source: Kotaku

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