Destiny fans are in luck! Exactly one month from now, on September 15th, the game’s newest DLC expansion entitled The Taken King will be released. What makes things even better is that, starting next week, Bungie will be hosting a series of livestreams in order to give gamers a sneak peak of what the expansion has to offer.

Those who have been keeping up with Destiny will be familiar with this concept, as Bungie hosted a similar series leading up to the release of the House of Wolves DLC that released last May. The first of The Taken King livestreams will happen on Wednesday August 19th, at 11:00 AM PDT (2:00 PM EST). It will be hosted by senior design lead Tyson Green and executive producer Mark Noseworthy. The focus of the stream will be on giving players an inside look at the beginning of Destiny‘s “Year Two.”

Below is a complete streaming schedule along with short synopses of the content covered in each stream.

  • DESTINY YEAR TWO – 19 AUG 2015 – 11AM PDT
    Subject Matter Experts:
    Executive Producer Mark Noseworthy
    Senior Design Lead Tyson Green
    Community Questions sourced live by Cozmo
    How will your own personal highlights from the first year of Destiny translate to the second? What will your Guardian’s lifestyle be like in the new and improved Tower? How will your Guardian become a more powerful snowflake over the course of your next journey? Is it true that Character Level and Light will rise in exciting new ways? All will be revealed and explained.
    Subject Matter Experts:
    Design Lead James Tsai
    Fruit Nation Ambassador Mr. Fruit
    What’s it like to infiltrate the Dreadnaught? What surprises do the Taken have for us in combat? How are boss battles different in The Taken King? Join us for a new Strike against a rival Cabal invasion force. See the new Guardian sub-classes in action. Witness the action that will begin Year Two.
  • COURT OF ORYX – 2 SEPT 2015 – 11AM PDT
    Subject Matter Experts:
    Designer Ben Wommack
    Scarab Lord Luke Smith
    Cool Table Ambassador Laced Up Lauren
    What mysteries lie in wait within the cavernous hull of the Dreadnaught? How can Guardians plunder the treasures secreted away in its hideous labyrinth? Come along with us on a Patrol of the newest destination in your Director. Learn how Guardians can instigate Public Events. Behold the challenges and the rewards that await you on board the capital ship commanded by Oryx.

Will you be keeping up with all of the livestreams? Are you excited for Destiny‘s newest expansion? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below!

Source: Bungie (via DualShockers)

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