One of the main problems with bullying is that victims rarely want to speak out. Caine Smith, a child who has been severely bullied at school, has spoken out against his bullies. In the video above, Smith not only actively speaks out against his own experiences with being bullied, but talks about how gaming has helped him deal with it.

Smith openly talks about how other kids would punch, choke, slam him into walls, and make fun of him. Instead of shying away from his assailants, however, Smith has gone on the offensive to talk out against bullying and share his story with other people. Showing confidence and wisdom lacking even in people much older than him, he speaks with people in the video who can help put a stop to what he’s been forced to live with. Smith also talks about how video games have helped him deal with his situation.

Gaming actually really helps me a lot to calm down and get out of the troubling parts of my life and to clear my mind of things that’s happened. It’s like going to a different universe. – Caine Smith

Video games serve a multitude of purposes. One of these is definitely escapism – A way to get out of real life for a while. Not in an unhealthy way, like to avoid relationships or commitments in our lives to play a game. But it’s nice to have another world to jump into to help relax from the stressors of our own. Even the most down to earth and professional people dream of getting away.

Smith shows how powerful and meaningful a game can be to a person. When he grows up he’ll be able to point to specific games as part of the reason why he was able to persevere through his bullying. Have you ever turned to gaming for a similar reason, or feel it’s an effective way to deal with various problems in the real world? Feel free to share in the comments!

Source: Inspirational TV Daily

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