The creators of the innovative ASCII browser game Candy Box have recently released their newest masterpiece: Lucky Peach. The game comes from the same vein: a browser based, ASCII, psuedo-action adventure game. The game is way more complicated than you’d think from your first glance, but it doesn’t quite reach the level of hidden-sophistication that Candy Box does.

Lucky Peach is a game commissioned to commemorate The Travel Issue (issue 7) of the McSweeney’s-published, print-only “journal of food and writing” Lucky Peach. It’s a nice little action game that really feels like it could be a scrapped segment of Candy Box. You use your mouse to steer your cute little rowboat through the auto-scrolling bodies of water that share their names with various fast foods. You need to collect the familiar treats to gain weight, but be wary of the healthy foods, as you’ll lose weight upon collecting those. You’ll eventually reach a little island where you can play a series of minigames to earn ingredients for a delicious meal. Where’s this all heading? Play the game and find out!

You can play Lucky Peach in your browser today!

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