In addition to the popular video game series and the live-action movies, survival-horror franchise Resident Evil also has a lineup of CG movies, including Resident Evil: Degeneration and Resident Evil: Damnation. Capcom announced today that a new CG title is being developed by Marza Animation Planet, and it’s slated to launch in 2017.

Details are scarce, but according to Kotaku, this will be a complete reboot that stars Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield, and Rebecca Chambers. Takashi Shimizu (creator of
Ju-on) is the movie’s executive producer, Takanori Tsujimoto will direct, and Makoto Fukami (a writer on Psycho-Pass) is penning the script. Capcom hasn’t revealed anything else at this time, but they did release the image on the left.

Source: Kotaku

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