What’s your favorite demon-bashing, highly stylized, ludicrously written, frantic hack and slash game? Well, with those aspects you probably narrowed it down to either the Bayonetta or Devil May Cry series. But what if you could have both at the same time? Capcom developer Rey Jimenez wondered the same thing and in a recent interview with Hip-Hop Gamer he discussed his dream of these two insane universes clashing. The general consensus was “it would be dope.”

Jimenez discussed how he envisioned a crossover game functioning, “As a developer and a gamer I would love to do that and how that would happen, well let me just say to you that would be the most insane gonzo action game you would ever see with tag-team, back-and-forth, switching and combos with stylish Dante or whoever coming in and doing stuff. It would actually be a dream come true.” 

Though this is not an official announcement it shouldn’t discourage you, because this also means it could be a possibility. Jimenez continued, “I’m sure with Capcom it’s possible to do really cool things, but I don’t know if this would ever happen, but I can’t deny that the thought of it would be totally mind blowing and epic.

Would you want Jimenez’s dream to come true? How would you like to see the two series collide? Let us know in the comments below! 


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