Capcom’s Division 1 launched the critically acclaimed Resident Evil VII last year, and they look to continue that success in 2019 with both the Resident Evil 2 remake and Devil May Cry 5. This division is focused on titles with international appeal, and in recent years they’ve been scaling up production in order to achieve more global success.

Longtime Capcom producer Jun Takeuchi recently sat down with Japanese publication Famitsu for an interview, and he discussed the future of the growing development team. Among other things, Takeuchi indicated that the studio may soon be large enough to develop four major titles at once. On top of that, they are apparently working on something pretty special.

“If we keep gradually increasing the size of our staff, I’m thinking that at some point maybe we might be able to handle four AAA titles at once.

“Also, in addition to that, we’re currently working on a title that will make our fans think, “wow, they’re making that?”
— Jun Takeuchi

So what could Capcom’s mystery title be? Division 1’s currently announced lineup is all sequels and remakes, so it’s possible that they’re reviving a classic game or franchise that people wouldn’t expect, but it could also be something entirely new and surprising. What do you hope to see?

Source: Famitsu (via Takuhi of Resetera)

Ben Lamoreux


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