Capcom seemingly lost interest in making new Mega Man games years ago, but they shocked us all with the surprise reveal of Mega Man 11 last December. The Blue Bomber’s original franchise is coming back! In fact, we might be getting more than one Mega Man series revival. Some copies of Mega Man X Legacy Collection have surfaced in the wild, and they seem to be teasing something special.

A soundtrack full of music from the Mega Man X franchise has launched as part of a physical Legacy Collection bundle in Japan, and it comes with some commentary from the composer. On the final page, it states “The story of X’s fight is not yet over.” Fans may remember that the Mega Man 20th anniversary book teased “The legend is not yet complete…” prior to Mega Man 9′s announcement. Could another X game be in the works?

That said, Mega Man X8 is already not the end of X’s fight. It was the final X game, but X himself is known to have continued fighting afterward according to the plot of the Mega Man Zero franchise. Is this cryptic message simply alluding to the other existing games, or is it really teasing a brand new entry? We’ll just have to wait and see for now.

Source: guu_tara (via Rockman Corner)

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