In recent years, Nintendo has been broadening its horizons as an entertainment company. They’ve sought to expand the reach of their IP beyond just video games through theme parks, an animated Mario movie, and more. Nintendo fans have often speculated about Nintendo’s future in the film space, and one name that’s been floated around quite a bit is Metroid.

Earlier this year, Director Jordon Vogt-Roberts (currently working on a live-action adaptation of Hideo Kojima’s beloved Metal Gear franchise) indicated that he’d love the chance to make a Metroid movie. But who could play the part of the famed bounty hunter Samus Aran? Why not the latest star of the Marvel universe?

Brie Larson, who will soon suit up as Captain Marvel, recently dressed up as Zero Suit Samus for Halloween and posted pictures on social media. When a fan jokingly stated that her cosplay is the closest we’ll ever get to a Metroid movie, Larson replied that she hopes she gets a chance to make the movie for real.

What do you think, Nintendo? You’ve got a director and an actress lined up and ready! Of course, landing a role is not as simple as just stating your interest in it, or UFC-fighter-turned-pro-wrestler Ronda Rousey would have been given the part when she asked for it back in 2016. Additionally, if Vogt-Roberts’ version of the movie ever gets made, whoever plays Samus won’t have all that many speaking lines.

If you could wave your magic wand and make a Metroid movie happen, who would you cast as the universe’s most feared bounty hunter? Sound off in the comments!

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