Nintendo Switch has become a treasure trove of fantastic indie adventures over the past two years. Its strong sales and portability make it an ideal release platform for independent developers, and Switch versions of smaller games have been selling like hotcakes. Switch’s eShop is home to many new games, but it’s also attracting classics like Super Meat Boy and Limbo, and it looks like another old favorite is on the way soon.

The Behemoth, best known for launching
Castle Crashers back in 2008 (and following it up with a remastered version in 2015), recently tweeted out an intriguing teaser. The tweet is nothing more than a picture of four Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers. The Joy-Cons are colored green, red, blue, and orange… the same colors as the four main characters available at the start of Castle Crashers. The remastered version also added a pink character, and The Behemoth would later add a pink Joy-Con in the comments of their tweet.

While The Behemoth stopped short of making an official announcement, the message is clear. Looks like
Castle Crashers Remastered is headed to Nintendo Switch! It’s unclear when it will launch on the Switch eShop, but its co-op gameplay should feel right at home on Switch.

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