Cyberpunk 2077, the long-teased project underway at the Witcher game series developer CD Projekt RED, finally has a trailer. Microsoft premiered it at the very end of their E3 2018 conference. Set in a large, futuristic city said to be both the worst place to live in America and yet also “a city of dreams,” the game will seemingly focus on gunplay and hacking.

The trailer didn’t show any gameplay (at least, it doesn’t look like gameplay, but this is CD Projekt RED, so who knows?), but it did give us a few hints at the overall tone and visuals of the new title. The game takes place in a huge, neon-lit city in the year 2077. The trailer showed everything from a cyborg doing her makeup to MMA fighting between humans and robots. Another big focus of the trailer was driving vehicles and hacking computers and other cyborgs, even killing people with this method.

While this is the most we’ve seen on Cyberpunk 2077, there still isn’t a set release date. Even so, how excited are you for Cyberpunk 2077? What did you like about the new trailer? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Microsoft E3 2018 Press Conference

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