“Be Legendary” looks to be the modus operandi from The Pokémon Company for 2018. The company behind the worldwide gaming phenomenon is celebrating the mythical monsters that have often adorned mainline game box arts with a number of activities on the official website, a new line of Pokémon TCG products coming soon, and—for owners of seventh generation Pokémon titles—Legendary Pokémon distributions throughout the year.

Starting in February, select retailers will be giving out these powerful beasts to Gen VII trainers in pairs and rotating between sets every month, although the Legendary you will receive will depend on the game you are playing.

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, players can already capture certain Legendaries through the Ultra Wormhole in the post-game, although the ones they can find are version-dependent and split between games. With the 2018 distributions, however, you will be able to pick up the complimentary Legendary pro gratis without needing to trade, and in certain cases, you’ll be able to capture the remaining monster of a particular set. For example, Ultra Sun players can capture Dialga in the Ultra Wormhole, pick up Palkia from the upcoming February distribution, and can later capture Giratina with both aforementioned monsters in their team.

Each Legendary will be handed out to Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon owners at Level 100 with a Gold Bottle Cap, an item players can use to artificially maximize all of a Pokémon’s IVs with Hyper Training. Those with either of the preceding Sun and Moon games can still get in on the fun, although the distributed Legendaries will be set at Level 60.

The schedule and lineup for the Legendary Pokémon distributions are as follows:

  • February: Palkia (US/S) and Dialga (UM/M) — both required for Giratina
  • March: Regigigas (US/S) and Heatran (UM/M)
  • April: Entei (US/S) and Raikou (UM/M) — both required for Suicune
  • May: Yveltal (US/S) and Xerneas (UM/M)
  • June: Shiny Zygarde
  • July: Thunderus (US/S) and Tornadus (UM/M) — both required for Landorus
  • August: Kyogre (US/S) and Groudon (UM/M) — both required for Rayquaza
  • September: Latias (US/S) and Latios (UM/M)
  • October: Zekrom (US/S) and Reshiram (UM/M) — both required for Kyurem
  • November: Lugia (US/S) and Ho-Oh (UM/M)

GameStop will be handling the Legendary Pokémon distribution in the US, Italy, and Germany, as well as GAME in the UK, Ireland, and Spain, and Micromania in France. More retailers will likely be confirmed for other countries as the time for these distributions approach, so keep an eye on
the official Pokémon website for more details.

Sources: The Pokémon Company, Serebii.net

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