Celeste is one of the most impressive and critically acclaimed games of 2018, and it made our list of must-have indies on Switch and must-see speedruns of SGDQ. If you’re like us and you just can’t get enough of this challenging platformer, you’ll be happy to know that developer Matt Thorson (the titular developer behind the Matt Makes Games studio) seems to be hinting at future content.

Thorson recently took to Twitter to share a short clip of what appears to be a brand new Celeste level. The short segment is filled with beautiful sparkles and certain death. That’s the Celeste we all know and love! The new level is simply labeled “Work in progress,” so it’s not exactly clear what Thorson’s plans are.

In the absence of official word, fans are speculating about the future of the game. Could this dangerous new level be a “D-Side” (a follow-up to the ultra-difficult B-Side and C-Side levels), a new, ninth chapter, or something else entirely? We’ll be keeping our eyes out for more updates!

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