The wait is almost over for fans of
Retro Studios’ latest creation, but for those of you who just can’t
wait to get your stinking paws on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical
, YouTube user NintenDaan has got you covered! He has taken it
upon himself to upload seven gameplay videos from various levels
throughout the game. It is a wonderful showcase of just how much
variety there will be in the game, as well as how insanely gorgeous
the environments are. They make Donkey Kong Country Returns look like
Donkey Kong Land
in comparison.

I was a big fan of Donkey Kong Country
on the Wii, and this game seems to be a huge step up in just
about every respect. From the catchy-as-hell music, to the sharp and
colorful graphics, to the gameplay that is seemingly overflowing with
fun surprises, I am officially on board with this game.

Times may be tough for Nintendo, and
the future may be uncertain, but it is important to remember that
when it comes down to it, Nintendo is all about fun. And Donkey Kong
Country: Tropical Freeze
is pretty much guaranteed to be so fun
you’ll forget all about silly things like stock prices or sales
projections. Check out the videos right here and lose yourself in the sheer
fun of it all. I know I did.

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comment section below!

Source: YouTube via MyNintendoNews

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