1. I swear they increased the rate at which you get it in Mario kart 8. I’ll be doing great, 1st place for 2 laps then get hit with 2 blue shells, a red shell, a lightning bolt and crippling depression right before the finish line. 😒

  2. Honestly, I think the blue shell shouldn’t be obtainable in the final lap. Earning first place with your driving skills only to have it taken away from you by sheer RNG is the most unfair thing in Mario Kart. The blue shell works as a balancer in the first two laps, but in the final lap it’s just cheap.

  3. I never get blue shells.. bc I dont suck..

  4. I think it’s more fun to get the star and run your friend over repeatedly 🙂

  5. Just from 6th till 2nd. Watch him suffer! 😂😂

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