1. I’m pretty sure it was the other way around.

  2. Makes no sense since sans isn’t even a character in the game, he’s just a mii costume.

  3. I was surprise to find out people asked for Terry

  4. More stoked for Terry. But glad to see Sans atleast got a skin.

  5. This is for us mexicans, Terry’s inclusion I mean

  6. Shots fucking fired lmao….

    I was one of the people cheering for Sans lol

  7. I swear to Miyamoto, you indie developers nerds are ruining the generation of gaming, I used to remember.

  8. I was like cool terry. Then i saw sans and realized he still wasn’t in smash

  9. Blasphemy, how old are most people here like 20?!

  10. People under 20 *laughs and agrees*

  11. Now that the major RPGs are repped with Cloud, the Dragon Quest Heroes, and Joker, it’s time to let other fighters keep Ryu company, but we probably won’t see Scorpion or Raiden show up.

  12. I want Terry, Screw Sans, (Love the Character but no)

  13. Why the hell I’d terry a frog 😐

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