If you’re pissed off about a game, maybe the best thing to do is just not talk about it. Otherwise, you’ll probably end up helping it sell. It’s weird, but, as the old and (fairly) true adage goes, “no publicity is bad publicity.” And that’s the topic at hand for the latest video from Brian Edward over at his YouTube channel BriHard, “How Controversy Sells Games.”

With a focus on the currently hot-button Fire Emblem Fates, Brian takes a look at the role controversy plays in growing the popularity of various brands, ranging from Grand Theft Auto to current presidential candidate Donald Trump. “People crave the very idea of controversial topics.”

Look above to check out the video.

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Barry Herbers
I write editorials here at Gamnesia and occasionally some news (though far less often than I used to). Here's some of my work, long-form game essays, if you have any interest in that sort of stuff: The Amount of Content in a Game Has Nothing to do with its Price A Game's Atmosphere is Defined by its Mechanics, Not its Aesthetic The Witcher 3's Introduction is Terribly Paced and Too Restrictive of its Players I'm looking forward to The Last Guardian (had it pre-ordered since 2010), Rime, Night in the Woods, and Vane. If I had a niche, it would probably be the somewhat higher fidelity indie games, as take up most of the spots on that list. I'm also developing a no-budget video game with a friend, and you can follow me on Twitter (@TheVioletBarry) to hear about that and anything else I feel like saying. Film, games, it's that sort of stuff.


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