A couple new images of the newest Pokémon have been revealed. Several scans of this month’s edition of Japanese publication CoroCoro have leaked, featuring pictures of the mysterious green blob that appeared in the latest Pokémon movie teaser. These images showcase the new creature in the Pokémon anime, but they haven’t clarified whether it is a completely new Pokémon or a currently-unknown form of an existing one. The publication claims that more information about this Pokémon, the large creature teased alongside it, and their relation to the TV anime will be revealed in next month’s CoroCoro on September 15th.

It is also worth noting that the same page featuring the new creatures announced that the next episode of the Pokémon TV special “Mega Evolution Act 4” will feature Zygarde: the Pokémon currently speculated to be related to the green blob and the silhouetted monster.

Source: CoroCoro (via Serebii)

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