The future of the Darksiders franchise has been in limbo ever since the bankruptcy of its publisher, THQ, and the closure of its developer, Vigil. Recently we’ve even seen the removal of Darksiders from the Wii U eShop due to what is seemingly licensing issues with selling THQ products.

The Darksiders franchise remains unpurchased; however, in the closure of Vigil many of the developers headed over to new positions within Crytek USA. The news has now broken through Destructoid that the original Darksiders developers from Vigil now intend to buy the IP as Crytek USA, so the franchise remains with its creators.

A tweet from David Adams, former Vigil head and now boss of Crytek USA, read as follows:

“Going to bid on Darksiders IP. Put 7 years of heart and soul into that franchise, and I think it belongs at home with its creators.”

This was echoed by the Vigil co-founder Ryan
Stefanelli, who told Destructoid:

“When the Darksiders IP goes up for auction, Crytek
will be bidding for it. Not much more to say since the rest
is left up to courts and legal shenanigans, but we’re all excited at the

This is a relief, and hopefully becomes fruition as there’s no better place for Darksiders than with its original developers. Seeing Darksiders rot in the wreckage of THQ’s demise would be a terrible fate.

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