The world of microtransactions is a nefarious one, and there is no time to be more careful than April Fools’ Day, as thousands of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players experienced when YouTuber McSkillet posted a video promising a very lucrative deal: an update would be coming to the game that allowed players to trade Covert skins (the second rarest type of skins) for a random knife—including some exceedingly rare ones. With the skins priced at around $3, and the knife McSkillet “received” in his video going for over $2000, it’s easy to see that there was plenty of value in the offer.

Unfortunately for these businessmen-to-be, the video was nothing else but a prank, and no such update was made to the game. However, thousands fell for the ruse, and they all jumped to purchase the Covert skins, hoping to beat the market at its own game. However, the market adapted, and as prices rose, a total of $53,531.48 was lost. With Valve taking a 15% cut on all microtransactions, the company made $8,029.722 on a prank it had nothing to do with, while the buyers were left empty-handed. It truly is as they say: ”
a fool and his money are soon parted.”

Source: Reddit

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