Sony brought back Crash Bandicoot in a big way this past E3, revealing that not only will the original games be remastered, but that Crash himself will also be joining the cast of Activision’s upcoming Skylanders Imaginators. Crash won’t be alone, either, since his creator and arch-enemy Doctor Neo Cortex will also be joining the fray with a starter pack exclusive to PlayStation 4.

New footage of the duo in action has arrived by way of Gamescom 2016, revealing that the pair will also unlock a new area for players to explore. Take a step back in time and retread the familiar grounds of the Wumpa Islands below!

Skylanders Imaginators launches on October 13th for Wii U, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. While the Crash and Cortex figures are available only for the PlayStation 4 version at launch, they will be sold individually during the holidays and are compatible with all versions of the game.

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