Creative Assembly Announces Total War: Warhammer


Coming straight out of the PC Gaming Show at E3 2015 this evening, famed developer Creative Assembly sat down with host Sean Plott to celebrate 20 years of their well known Total War series, and while it started off with a simple look back on the franchise, it built up to the announcement of a brand new game in the series, which crosses Total War with Warhammer, titled Total War: Warhammer. Don’t worry…you won’t get exiled for calling it Total Warhammer.

The game is said to have throwbacks to the classic Warhammer tabletop games, and it will feature “incredibly in-depth skill trees.”

Scroll up to check out the game’s announcement trailer, and scroll down to take a look at some photos!

What do you think of this announcement? Were you expecting Total War and Warhammer to cross over? Hit the comments to let us know!

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