Crytek, the studio behind the Crysis franchise and the upcoming Homefront: The Revolution, is reportedly having internal troubles as of late. Although the developer declares that there are no problems, major outlets are stating that employees are describing an environment full of poor communication and massive employee departures.

Kotaku reports that over one hundred developers of the eight hundred member staff have left Crytek in the past few months, with recent projects such as the Xbox One exclusive Ryse: Son of Rome being disastrous for the company’s health. A sequel to the title has since been cancelled.

Checks are being sent out late, with many employees missing their pay day. One employee reports that staff members are not allowed to discuss salary issues using e-mail. People within the studio are expressing concern over the company’s shift from triple-A titles to the free-to-play marketplace, possibly bringing downsizing along with the change.

“Trying to confine the problem rather than tackling it is not the way to go about this anymore; it’s too big now. Honest communication, inclusion, and a work environment based on trust could have gone a long way, and may have stopped people from leaving.” — Anonymous Crytek Employee

All employees are speaking anonymously to protect their jobs and careers. Crytek has yet to officially admit the existence of any problems.

Source: Kotaku

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