In a forum post just a few days ago, the team behind the 3DS’s new homebrew application revealed the requirement for installing it: a copy of the 3DS puzzle-platformer Cubic Ninja. It appears that, in a similar vein to the way Project M launches from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, developers can exploit Cubic Ninja‘s custom stage loading procedure to execute custom code. For many, this incredibly low barrier to entry (before the announcement, you could find copies for just under $2) was a wonderful sign of things to come.

Unfortunately, however, post-announcement the prices spiked dramatically. As it stands, you must load the program every time you turn your 3DS off, as it boots directly from the game instead of saving it to your system. Considering the low amount of printed copies and the poor critical reception, however, the amount of copies still in mainstream circulation is small. You could still go the eShop to download it though, right? Well, wrong.

You see, it was only ever released on the eShop in Japan, and it was just taken off of the service. Of course, this is no coincidence—considering how swiftly it was done, it is only fair to expect a patch removing the exploit soon across all regions. What do you think of this decision?

Source: TinyCartridge

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