Recently, we reported on a leak suggesting Microsoft plans to bring Xbox Live to Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. A month later, Microsoft officially announced Xbox Live for Android and iOS, but they were silent on the Switch front. That changed today. Following the Nindies Showcase reveal of Cuphead for Nintendo Switch, Microsoft confirmed it will (eventually) include Xbox Live support.

Shortly after the Nindies Showcase, Microsoft made a blog post detailing some of their plans for the future of the [email protected] program. Towards the end of the post, Microsoft confirmed that they are working with StudioMDHR to implement Xbox Live features into Cuphead on the Nintendo Switch. This won’t be available at launch, but a future update will patch Live compatibility in.

Microsoft stopped short of confirming that Xbox Live support will be available for other Switch games, but it seems unlikely that they’d stop after just one. There have also been rumors of Xbox Game Pass on Switch with Project xCloud compatibility, but Microsoft did not confirm any such plans today.

Source: Microsoft

Ben Lamoreux


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