Fire Emblem Fates is coming out this Friday, but we’ve already scrounged up a few reviews for you to check out that say both Birthright and Conquest are just as good as any Fire Emblem game, if not better. However, some reviewers have pointed out that even though Birthright and Conquest are fine games on their own, playing both of them and then Revelation as DLC is the way to go. But, at an $80 price tag, is it worth it?

For those who don’t know, Birthright, Conquest, and Revelation each tell the story of Corrin and his choices in the war between the Hoshido and Nohr nations. Respectively, Corrin either joins the Hoshido, Nohr, or chooses no side at all. Your choice of game actually has a massive impact on not only the story, but the types of troops and missions you’ll encounter. Essentially, if you want the full experience, you have to play (and pay for) all three games. Considering recent standalone choice-driven RPGs like Fallout 4 or The Witcher 3, which feature many alternate story paths and multiple endings on just one disc, do you feel it’s fair that Fire Emblem Fates is split into three separate games? More so, do you think that it’s worth it to buy all three? As always, this question is for you, the reader! So, please let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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