Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s new trailer is a spectacle that mixes flashy sci-fi action and classic BioWare storytelling. Yet, some fans are calling it out for not showing enough to get them excited. While understandable, I would beg to differ, as the trailer is a veritable buffet of antagonism. Quite a few glimpses of potential baddies are seen throughout the short run time of the video, including a mysterious, halo-sporting alien and a giant, flying robot snake. Each shot had me excited to see how the enemies would play into the final game. But how do you feel about these new enemies? What do you think of Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s new villains?

You can see what appears to be the first new enemy at around the 53 second mark in the video. Unfortunately, you never really get a good view of these guys seeing as Pathfinder and company are trying to hide from them. From what little you do see, they appear to be much more animal-like in appearance than the usual Citadel races fans are used to. They actually reminded me a little bit of the Vorcha mixed with
Gears of Wars‘ Locust. Without a proper look, however, it is difficult to develop a full opinion on them. Either way, the trailer is definitely trying to push them as creepy, and it is succeeding.

Our next awesome-yet-brief shot is around 1:11 in the video. It looks like a giant robotic octopus. As many
Mass Effect fans know, the big tentacled antagonists of the series are the Reapers. While this guy is definitely not a Reaper, it immediately had me thinking of them. Perhaps it is related somehow? More likely, since it is seen bursting from the ground, it could be Andromeda’s own version of the Thresher Maw. Considering that it’s mechanical, there is also the possibility of it being a long-lost piece of Remnant technology that saw Pathfinder passing by and decided to ruin his/her day.

Just a couple seconds later at 1:13, we get our first look at an enemy that isn’t blurred or obscured. As an aside, it also appears to be the one case of actual gameplay in the trailer. This is the aforementioned robot snake. Despite looking like it may have wandered just a little too far off the set of the first
Avengers movie, it is actually quite a cool looking baddie. Much like the previous robotic creature, it seems like this could be another one of the Remnant’s designs. Considering it also has tentacles (this is an odd theme to go with), it might even be related to the robot octopus in some way.

Finally, the trailer culminates at the 1:26 mark with the behind-the-back view of what appears to be one of, if not the main villain of the game. Considering this guy has a speaking role in the trailer and looks a lot like the first enemies we saw, we can likely assume that he is their leader. Besides having a halo directly attached to his head, his only other main feature is the spoken line, “Now I know what makes you special.” It almost seems like, much like Pathfinder arriving in Andromeda to explore it, this guy is trying to reach the Milky Way to perform whatever nefarious deeds he has cooked up. This would actually make a nice juxtaposition between the protagonist and antagonist if this were the case.

We would like to know what you got out of the trailer. Do you agree with my analysis of the enemies shown off? Did you see something I may have missed? How do you think the two robotic enemies might be related? Do you agree that the final alien might be the leader of the others, or is he something entirely different? Let us know your thoughts on
Andromeda‘s bad guys in the comments below!

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