If you were looking to pick up a copy of Bend Studio’s Days Gone this coming February, we have some bad news. In a recent blog post, Sony announced that they’re pushing back the release date of the long-awaited PlayStation exclusive shooter to April 26, 2019.

Sony’s reasoning for delaying Days Gone comes down to a scheduling issue. It was originally scheduled to release on February 22, 2019, which is the same launch date currently chosen by Metro Exodus and BioWare’s Anthem (as well as the Microsoft-exclusive Crackdown 3). Unsurprisingly, Sony didn’t want one of their promising new IPs to launch in competition with so many big titles.

Bikers in the gaming community have been wronged since the release of 2013’s abominable Ride to Hell: Retribution. The long-dormant Syphon Filter developer is looking to remedy that pain with a brutal, dynamic survival game that showcases some formidable undead enemies, a beautiful world, and the life of a motorcycle gang surviving the end of the world. Days Gone surely has a couple of promises to live up to, and after a handful of big delays, we can only hope that the hype is worth it.

How do you feel about this delay? Are you going to pick up a copy of Days Gone this April? Hit the comments to let us know what you think!

Source: PlayStation Blog

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