At last year’s E3, Hideo Kojima officially unveiled Death Stranding to the world. Not much was known about the gameplay or plot, other than Norman Reedus appearing in the game. Later in the year, Kojima released another teaser for Death Stranding which introduced Mads Mikkelsen’s antagonist. Even after two teaser trailers, Death Stranding‘s plot is still quite mysterious. During a recent trip to Saudi Comic-con, Mads Mikkelsen discussed Death Stranding‘s plot, calling it “elaborate.”

“He was trying to tell me the full plot of the game, and it’s so elaborate that, I mean, I got lost but I really wanted to learn more. It’s a big honour to be there… Kojima approached me for this video game and I didn’t know what it was. And then [Director] Nicolas [Winding Refn] told me who he was, and then I [asked] my son ‘do you know him?’ And then my son said ‘Daddy, you are crazy, you have to do this!… And then I met [Kojima] and he’s just a wonderful, charismatic person; a genius in his field.” — Mads Mikkelsen

In addition to discussing Kojima and Death Stranding, Mikkelsen also described the difference between working on a film and a video game.

“That is very different from acting, because motion capture is standing in a green room, there’s nothing there, you have all these wires on your head, and five-hundred cameras, and you do little things, and strange things, or exaggerated things, and eventually [the development team] can create the character themselves, which is completely different from what we do…But [Kojima] made you feel so at home, and so relaxed that it became two really, really funny days.” — Mads Mikkelsen

What kind of theories do you have on Death Stranding‘s plot? Discuss in the comments below!

Source: IGN

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