Typically, the idea of a “fandom” wiki sends shivers down one’s spine. There have been more than a few cases of places like the Fantendo Wiki showcasing bizarre, incomplete, or overall poorly-constructed ideas. However, every once in a while, a gem shines through the dirt and grime. Today, I can confidently say that such a diamond in the rough has been crafted.

By taking everything we loved about previous entries in the franchise, removing the controversial parts, and adding a touch of magic, the fan-envisioned
Paper Mario: Countdown to Chaos is a Paper Mario fan’s dream. It returns to the turn-based stage-focused RPG combat that we all know and love from The Thousand Year Door and features the the beloved pseudo-3D gameplay from the first two titles in the series..

Coming straight from the Fantendo page, here’s a quick plot summary:

The game’s plot revolves around Mario who must collect together the Chrome Stars which have been scattered around different Time Periods, in order to keep the Grande Star Clock, the keeper of time in the Mushroom World, from stopping, effectively making time stand still for eternity. These events have been caused by an unkown force at first and Mario investigates what, or exactly, who caused this.

Overall, eight full chapters are featured, each in a different location with a varied cast of characters. Each chapter also has location art, conceptualized screenshots, and originally-composed music. Let’s not forget the wide array of enemies, however — each fully designed with statistics to match. And, to top it all off, this entire project was created by one person!

You can find a sample of the music below, a look at some of the artwork in the image gallery, and
if you’re hungry for more info on Paper Mario: Countdown to Chaos, you can see the full project, and everything you could possibly want to know, right here!

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