1. Wait, is there a new game coming out or something?

  2. Sad ….what games come too

  3. That backpack “Just me and my alien I saved when I raided Area 51”

  4. why not have the 400$ one as just 250$ then people may buy it

  5. Like that bag that came with the deluxe Fallout 4?

  6. Bart Buczak idk if u played this game

  7. No thanks lolol.
    I’ll take the standard steam version.

  8. Really going after those Whales aren’t they.

  9. Brendan Horsfall no need to storm Area 51, got your alien right here 😂

  10. Really honing in on the superfans huh? The backpack & statue are nice, but I’d rather hope I can get em much cheaper online eventually. Id scoop that shit up fast if I saw it at FYE.

  11. yeah the price of a full ps4

  12. I’m sorry but that doesn’t look like it’s worth $400 maybe $80 or $100 but definitely not $400

  13. I rented this game as a 14 year old for a 5 day rental. I returned it the next day to get some money back. Save your money, folks.

  14. Zach Whitaker this is expensive but so awesome

  15. Erica Coppy…. cant aford but neeeeed

  16. Jenny Garcia my birthdays coming up

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