Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies is the upcoming installment Professor Layton series, a popular brand of puzzle-adventure titles for Nintendo’s handheld consoles. Following the events of last year’s Miracle Mask, Azran Legacies will be the final Professor Layton title to feature Professor Layton himself as the protagonist. Azran Legacies was shown a few days ago via Nintendo Direct, and thanks to Siliconera, we now have a better understanding of the title.

Azran Legacies introduces two new characters in Chobi and Sonia, the former of which is “a young and energetic boy who shows a lot of enthusiasm towards mysteries. He loves to think and is full of riddles regarding the town.” Sonia, the latter of the pair, is “a high-handed girl who likes to act much older. She does her best to be a proper young lady but can be conceited at times, but she never means to do any harm.” A primary point of interest in the game is a small village called Cohanbale, where you’ll meet a kind old fisherman named Couga. In the ruins of Cohanbale, you’ll find key information to unlocking the mystery of the Azran Legacies.

The game also features a “Garden Viewing” mode, in which you must link the energy of the explosive flowers and bloom all the flowers that have begun to wither away. The goal is to bloom every flower and clear the stage, but watch out! If you give energy to the poisonous mushrooms, they’ll spread their spores. For more information (and a few spoilers), click here.

Are you excited for Professor Layton’s final adventure?

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