During the NicoNico live stream of Hyrule Warriors, we received a new gameplay trailer that featured every single playable character revealed for the game so far, including Sheik, Darunia, and Princess Ruto, but that’s not all. There was a steady flow of Hyrule Warriors gameplay details revealed throughout the live stream, including a few interesting, new tidbits. The best reveal? There’s a portal that summons Cuccos!

Here’s the list of
Hyrule Warriors details revealed during the live stream, courtesy of GoNintendo.

  • It appears that there are assist characters, e.g. Link summoned a Great Fairy
  • Hyrule Warriors combines Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess, and Ocarina of Time worlds
  • Multiplayer with one person on GamePad, one on TV with Pro Controller
  • There is a minigame based on the original Legend of Zelda
  • There is a portal that summons Cuccos
  • Zelda combined a number of bombs to create a large bomb
  • Boomerang confirmed as item all characters can use, has a wind theme to it, may be Gale Boomerang
  • Characters can hold a primary and secondary item (e.g. Sword & Boomerang)
  • Lana is seen using the slingshot
  • Lana summons the Deku Tree to take out enemies
  • Lana also summons the Deku Sprout, and can ride it
  • Item Swap system appears similar to Skyward Sword‘s. You can swap mid gameplay
  • It appears that during cutscenes the characters relevant to the plot will appear, regardless of who you play as. E.g. the player was playing as Ruto when they discovered Fi, but the cutscene showed Link

What do you think of all the new
Hyrule Warriors details, and what are you excited for? Have all these recent reveals convinced you to buy the game?

Source: GoNintendo

We’ve got tons of new Hyrule Warriors details! I can’t wait to summon an army of Cuccos from a portal…
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