Remember yesterday when reports were hitting about the Wii U Dev kits potentially being downgraded in 2012? Shin’en Multimedia is claiming via Twitter that for them it wasn’t the case—the Dev Kits actually got faster. Of course I say according to them because it doesn’t put the whole debate to rest either. It was claimed the very first Dev Kits were the ones that seemed to be faster than the newer kits, and we aren’t aware what kit Shin’en Multimedia started with. I note this because Nintendo did boost the processor in 2012 as well, while the rumored downgrade was specific to the GPU.

This entire debate is interesting because a lot of it sits on Nintendo and Iwata’s insistence on smaller console design. As an example, the goal all along was to make the Wii itself no bigger than three DVD cases, which it succeeded at. If the size requirements are indeed more important to Nintendo than the actual tech, one has to wonder why they were just fine having a controller that is nearly as big as the console itself. That’s a bit contradicting, no? Either way, power certainly isn’t everything, but it can never hurt. What do you think the truth of the matter is?

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Nathanial Rumphol-Janc
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