Tomorrow, Capcom will unleash Devil May Cry 5 into the wild, but a handful of select outlets already have their hands on the latest hack and slash adventure. Reviews have started to roll in, and so far it’s great news for Capcom. The game’s score varies by a few points across the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC versions, but regardless of platform, Devil May Cry 5 is receiving praise.

The Xbox One version has
by far the most reviews. With 49 critics weighing in, Devil May Cry 5 has 46 positive reviews and 3 mixed reviews for an average score of 88/100. The PC version is scoring even higher at 89/100, but it has just 16 reviews. Finally, the PlayStation 4 version has an average score of 86/100 based on 23 reviews. Devil May Cry 5 is being heralded as a beautiful game with fun and engaging combat and outstanding action sequences. Some have praised the story while others found it lackluster, and a few complained that it doesn’t innovate enough.

Review Round-Up:

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