Though recently it’s been a disappointing time to be a Devil May Cry fan, that may be changing soon. The next Devil May Cry game was announced at E3, and now even more is on the way! Adi Shankar, producer of the Castlevania animated Netflix series, announced today that he has acquired the rights to make a Devil May Cry animated series. This new show will be set in the same multiverse as Castlevania, which could lead to some interesting crossovers down the line.

Speaking with IGN’s Jacki Jing, Shankar revealed that he has “acquired these (Devil May Cry) rights myself so the jabronis in Hollywood don’t f*** this one up too.” Shankar continued to say that this announcement was only possible because Castlevaniareally over-performed.”

There is no news right now on a release network or date, but if Castlevania is anything to go by, I already can’t wait for this one!

Source: IGN

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