Once announced as a Wii U exclusive, Rayman Legends brought some much-needed life back to the old platforming series, being vibrant and fun and reminding players why we liked Rayman
in the first place. As of today (in the NA regions), the title is now
completely multi-platform, even available on PC and Vita. This begs the
inevitable question, which version should you play?

Digital Foundry says the original Wii U version is best. To sum up, they state
that the game makes good use of the GamePad, and was
“built around the unique capabilities of the system,”
not to mention designed and optimized to run on it exclusively until
late in development. They say that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
versions have a couple of extra characters and technically higher
resolution textures, those resolution difference are not noticeable and
their price point is significantly higher. The experience on the Wii U
is “the experience that the developers originally intended for the game.”

“Outside of a few new characters and limited use of the touchpad on
the PS4’s Dual Shock 4, there’s no real reason to upgrade to the Xbox
One and PS4 versions of Rayman Legends if you already own the game on
other formats. Visual upgrades are close to non-existent and the
experience is basically the same as the existing PS3, Xbox 360 and PC
version of the game. Even the audio remains in stereo – just as it did
on all the other versions we’ve tested. However, if you’ve yet to take
the plunge the PS4 and Xbox One editions offer up a further opportunity
to play what was undoubtedly one of the finest games of 2013.

All of which leads us up to an interesting conclusion. Despite the
enormous leap in power the new consoles represent, in our opinion it’s
the Wii U version of Rayman Legends that remains the definitive edition
of the game, with the title taking advantage of the GamePad’s unique
features in ways that genuinely add variety and more fun to the
gameplay. Let’s not forget that while this game may have been ported to a
vast range of different hardware platforms, it started out life as a
Wii U exclusive, built around the unique capabilities of the system.
Indeed, it’s the Nintendo console that offers the experience that the
developers originally intended for the game, before the last-minute
switch to a multi-platform release.

Meanwhile, the other versions of Rayman Legends each offer up an
equally superb experience for those who aren’t keen on some of the
quirky controller features on the Wii U game. The PS4 and Xbox One
editions serve up a tiny slice of extra content in the form of new
characters and a barely noticeable bump in texture clarity in some
scenes, but these additions aren’t worth paying a premium for over the
heavily discounted previous versions of the game. Right now Rayman
Legends is available online for around £17 [$23]
on the last-gen consoles and PC, while the PS4 and Xbox One releases
command a price premium that is short on delivering much in the way of
worthwhile extras.”
— Digital Foundry

Source: EuroGamer

Our Verdict

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