Discord Offers Developers 90% of Revenue Made on Their Store


Steam is the king of digital video game distribution, but in recent months others have stepped forward as competition, and they’re offering developers some pretty good deals. Earlier this month the Epic Games launched their own store, giving developers 88% of the revenue and doing away with any Unreal Engine royalties for games sold on that platform. This is a better deal than Steam currently offers, as developers are entitled to 70% of the Steam profits in most cases.

Now Discord is offering an even larger share for developers who release games on their platform. The popular chat app entered the digital storefront market a few months back, and they’ve been working closely with indie developers to bring exclusives to the platform under their First On Discord program. Now they’re reaching out to developers of all shapes and sizes by offering a fantastic 90/10 revenue split with developers who self-publish on Discord.

Discord will implement this new revenue sharing policy in 2019, and they’ve even indicated that developers could make a higher percentage in the future if they can continue to cut costs “by optimizing our tech and making things more efficient.”

Source: Discord


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