The developers of Dishonored 2 have released a handful of fresh details about the about the upcoming sequel to the hit 2012 game. It was revealed last week at E3 that players will be able to play as the first game’s protagonist, Corvo, and a now-grown-up Emily. Just how exactly that will work is what they recently revealed. If you are trying to avoid spoilers for Dishonored 2, I’d advise you to read no further than this. If not, carry on!

As it happens, you will not be able to switch between Emily and Corvo during gameplay. Harvey Smith of Arkane Studios stated that,
“The way we’re doing it this time is you play Emily for about 20 or 30 minutes at the beginning of the game, then there’s this very dramatic moment where you can choose which one to continue with, either Emily or Corvo. Then for the rest of the game you’re locked into that choice. But it’s the same series of missions whether you choose or the other [sic], they just have different perspectives and commentary on it.”

Smith went on to explain that neither of the playable characters would have the same abilities.
“They do have completely different powers, however. In the announce trailer you see Emily using a power called ‘Far Reach’. She doesn’t have Blink, she has Far Reach, and it can be upgraded mechanically in different ways than Blink can be. You also see her using Shadow Walk at the end, and that’s a power Corvo won’t have either.” Smith added that Corvo will maintain his move set from the original game, in addition to a few new abilities.

Lastly, there was talk of a third play path players will be able to take other than just lethal and non-lethal. The developers didn’t give much information about it, but they believe it will add a great deal of replayability to the game.
Dishonored 2 will release sometime in 2016.

Source: IGN

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