Earlier today the Nintendo community was shaken by a rather juicy rumor. According to a series of alleged leaks (partially corroborated by Eurogamer’s sources), Retro Studios is working on a Star Fox game. That by itself is intriguing, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The rumors go on to say that Retro’s take on Star Fox will be a racing game with a hub world, adventure mode, and boss battles, much like Diddy Kong Racing with a mix of F-Zero.

These claims have sent waves throughout Nintendo’s fandom. Could this
really be the secret game Retro has worked on all this time? All of this is, of course, unconfirmed by Nintendo at this time. Hopefully we’ll find out if it’s true or false by E3 (although that’s no guarantee), but a bigger question is whether or not the fans want it to be true.

Personally, I think the idea sounds pretty awesome. It seems a little odd that Nintendo would transform one futuristic series into a racer when they already have
F-Zero, but seeing as I’ve never been a huge fan of that franchise, I can’t really complain. If anyone can take an old Nintendo IP and turn it into something amazing, it’s Retro Studios. Nintendo doesn’t really seem like they have any clue about what they want to do with Star Fox, so why not pass it off to someone else with a proven track record?

If it ends up being true, there will definitely be a part of me that’s disappointed at Retro being assigned to another existing IP instead of getting to try something new. There’s also a part of me that just wants a
Star Fox game with traditional gameplay, a new story and setting, and no damn gimmicks. I never would have dreamed up a Retro-developed Star Fox racer if you had asked me, but now that I know it’s a possibility, consider me interested.

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