Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, announced in February, is having more
stuff added than previously thought. While the Wii version was very
challenging, which made it even more satisfying to finish, this version
of the game will include the new “New Mode”. The New Mode is designed to
make the game more balanced on a portable system, because people take
it with them wherever they go. In essence, the difficulty is lowered so
you don’t get frustrated on the go, otr if you found the Wii version to
be too challenging. For example, Donkey and Diddy Kong get three
balloons, instead of the two balloons of the Wii version, and Donkey can
carry a few DK barrels, so he can spawn Diddy again if he loses him by

Luckily, the developers included the “Original Mode”, which is the
same difficulty as the Wii version. Donkey and Diddy get to keep two
balloons, and the levels are balanced accordingly. The developers also
included an extra world, where players get some new, challenging levels,
on top of the heap of already challenging levels. Co-op is still a
feature, like the Wii version, but it uses the 3DS’ wireless connection

I finished the Wii version, but all this new stuff gives me reason to buy the game again. What do you think?

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Harold Teekman
I love video games. That's why I write about them. My first console was the Nintendo 64 and we got it when I was 4, along with Super Mario 64. I finished the game on my own when I was 6. One of my all time favorites of that generation is Donkey Kong 64. I love the bosses, I love the level designs, I love how you can play with multiple characters, and I love how many collectibles there are. I was mostly a Nintendo gamer until 2010, when I discovered Assassin's Creed. My PC could barely run it, but it played good enough to provide an amazing experience. Since then I've had a lot of catching up to do, and I'm now a big fan of Mass Effect, Dead Space, Resident Evil and the Batman: Arkham games, among others.


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