Any Wii owner knows that Donkey Kong Country Returns is a beautiful game, and if they don’t then they have clearly missed out on a gem for their collection. Not to fear, though, as the Nintendo 3DS version of the game hits the States on May 24th, within less than a week. Ever since the 3DS version was announced, people have been wondering how it would stand up against the Wii version in all of its graphical glory. These people need wonder no longer. The video above, made by Josh Thomas from The Bit Block, gives a direct side-by-side comparison of the Wii and 3DS versions, and shows that the 3DS has truly captured the beauty of the original. It’s great to see that such care was put into re-capturing the beauty of the game for the 3DS version, showing that it is not just a cheap port of the game.

What do you think? Excited for Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D? Love seeing the power of the 3DS? Would you prefer new Donkey Kong games instead of re-releases? Thoughts, feelings, and opinions belong in the comments!

Noah Cherry
My first gaming memory is watching my older brother play Donkey Kong 64 and staring at the screen in amazement. From that point on I wanted in on the fun, and it drove me to become a gamer and took me to where I am today. I am very passionate about gaming and love the opportunity I have here to use my writing skills and combine them with this passion. Nintendo has my heart, but I expand onto all platforms, owning many gaming consoles and playing a wide variety of games. My favorite game of all time is Super Mario 64, with Okami coming in as a close second. Kingdom Hearts is probably my favorite overall series of games, and Wind Waker is my favorite Zelda game, although I believe Ocarina of Time to be the "best" one. I also loved Spirit Tracks. Aside from gaming, I am a student and heavily participate in Choir programs. I also participate in musicals from time to time, whether it be through stage crew or acting. For those concerned, I am a cat person, not a dog person.


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