Today, Nintendo has revealed the previously unannounced title Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze for the Wii U and eShop, due later this year. It is likely developed by Retro, but ultimately this is yet to be confirmed. It brings back the much-praised dynamic action of the Wii with highly updated graphics. In one screencap, Iwata comments on the highly detailed fur of big ol’ DK. No date was yet announced, but the game looks pretty advanced into its development.

Story has been supplied: a tribe of vikings from the North have invaded the DK islands and brought about an ice storm. Donkey, Diddy, and returning cousin Dixie Kong will be making a return to put a stop to the cold invasion. Dixie’s signature pony-tail flutter makes a come-back, allowing the other player to soar for long durations. Check out the trailer above and the screenshots below!

Our Verdict

George Moujaes
Jordi89 on Miiverse. The first passionate gaming experience I ever had was well into the 90's in a game called Snowboard Kids. I played it on the Nintendo 64, and everything about it was the pinnacle of a blissful, happy, outlandish, cartoonish yet true to life state of mind. Check it out. Because if you do enjoy it just as much as I do, we may be very, very, incredibly alike.


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