Nintendo is the only video game company with hardware that doesn’t have confirmed virtual reality support. Many speculate that the Nintendo Switch might be able to slide into a VR headset, based on some recent patents, but Nintendo hasn’t been too keen on the idea so far. But even if Nintendo does eventually make VR games, you shouldn’t be too hopeful to see the Zelda games use it. Producer Eiji Aonuma doesn’t seem to be interested in the technology, saying it wouldn’t work to well with the series.

“You know, one of the interests of the Zelda games is to evolve Link and therefore see him grow. In VR, you would no longer see Link, you would see the world from your personal point of view, so I think it would not be very ‘Zelda.'” — Eiji Aonuma

While Aonuma doesn’t seem to think Zelda would work in virtual reality, there are many fan projects that let you play some of the classic games with added VR functionality. Until Nintendo decides to embrace this new technology, we’ll have to rely on these projects to keep our dreams of running around in a green tunic while cutting grass with our swords a reality.

What do you guys think of this? Is it finally time for Nintendo to join the VR race? Should they stick to keeping their games traditional? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Gameblog (via Nintendo Everything)

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