Dragon Ball Super‘s run has come to a close after 131 episodes (though we’re certain it won’t really be gone for long), but there’s already another Dragon Ball anime officially on the way. The new anime will be based off of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes game and is meant as a promotion for it, so it’s not here to replace Dragon Ball Super on any kind of a permanent basis, but it’s something to hold us over while we wait for news on a revival.

The plot of the Heroes anime will be based on two existing story arcs from the game: The Universe Survival arc and the Prison Planet arc. The first is Heroes‘ take on the story from the final season of Super, but with some changes. The second sees Fu (Dabura’s successor to the throne of Demon King) kidnapping and imprisoning Future Trunks and using the Dragon Balls to summon an evil Saiyan.

It’s unclear at this point how many episodes are planned, but details will likely surface soon. The first episode has an early screening planned for July 1st, and the show should make its public debut soon after.

Source: Yonkou Productions

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