Smartphone gaming has really taken off in the past few years. As big as it is in the United States, smartphone gaming has dominated the Japanese marketplace, so much so that it may be hard to imagine home consoles making a return to their former prominence. However, Dragon Quest creator Horii Yuji believes that it will happen. He recently gave an interview which was translated by NeoGAF user zeromcd73.

Voicing his opinion on where the future of video games is headed, Yuji stated:

“People say that home consoles don’t sell anymore in Japan, but once the smartphone boom settles I think home consoles will be the focus of attention again. It’s true that with smartphones and handhelds you have the benefits of taking them anywhere with you or watching TV as you play, but I think fans of video games are still feeling the desire to play games on the big screen. Also, with handhelds because the controller and the screen is on the same device it makes it painful to play for long periods of time. Playing with a home console controller and being able to move your hands around is more comfortable.”
— Horii Yuji

Source: NeoGAF

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