There still remains a childish fantasy in my mind every time I see some spaceships duke it out in science fiction action movies. Whether it is the Millennium Falcon, a Klingon Bird of Prey or, recently, The Milano, I can’t help but imagine what it would be like to be in the pilot seat of such a wicked vehicle. Developers at Yager Development are attempting to deliver us that dream with their upcoming game Dreadnought. Based on science fiction inspired combat, Dreadnought is going the online multiplayer route. The game will deliver large scale, intense space dogfights running on the Unreal 4 Engine. You will also be provided a wide array of ships to customize to your specific taste.

Some may be cautious when approaching a “flight simulator game,” but have no fear when it comes to Dreadnought. The games functions off of basic WASD controls and uses the mouse to aim, unlike systems for other simulators that can be daunting. The challenge in controlling your ship comes from how the game plays. There is a constant sensation of your spacecraft moving in a clunky manner and, of course, the ever-menacing force of inertia. Yes, physics is an actual thing you must consider when flying in Dreadnought.

The other challenge (and most of the fun) comes from fighting, evading, destroying, and skillfully maneuvering away from the other ships that are trying to blast you out of the sky in a quick and precise manner. Players will be provided with an impressive arsenal to choose from and customize their ships with. Long-range artillery cannons, Vulture missiles, plasma cannons, heat-seeking nukes, and more will allow you to evaporate, explode, and mutilate your enemies (and friends) during the dogfights. Players will also be able to channel what combat ability their ship’s energy will be going in to: boosters for speed, extra shields for defense, or a full-on barrage of destruction.

Players will be able to customize their ship to their liking as well. Five classes exist for the player to build off of: Monarch, Fulgora, Vulcan, Svarog, and Defender. Some ships, such as the Vulcan and Defender, will be larger and be more artillery and heavy weapons-based and will be able to take more blasts to the hull than other crafts. The skies will also be littered with smaller ships that require skills in evasive maneuvering and fast launching of weapons, such as the Fulgora.

Another notable asset of the game is the graphics. Running on the Unreal 4 Engine the game looks gorgeous, but don’t just take my word for it; be sure to watch the 12 minutes of glorious gameplay above presented by IGN from last weekend’s PAX South event.

Basically, this game is going to fulfill your childhood dream of wanting to be Han Solo (hopefully you can you run it in less than twelve parsecs).

How do you feel about Dreadnought? Hyped? Going to pass on it (how could you)? Going to go for an aggressive James Kirk approach, or a more defensive Jean-Luc Picard approach to matches? Let us know in the comments below!

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